The Velvet women takeover

For International Women’s Day, we have the Velvet women spilling all, from their favourite venues to what song gets them dancing.

Presenting… Patricia, Verity, Holly and Valeria.

We sat down with Valeria, Group Co-ordinator and Event Manager to discuss the weird and wonderful world of events.

Q. Strangest request for an event? 
“Definitely when I had to source 150 individual towels for the dressing room of one very particular BRIT award winner…”

Q. What song gets you pumped before a big event?
“It has to be Shut Up And Dance by Walk to the Moon.”

Next up we had Junior Events Assistant, Holly, who we managed to grab for a quick chat between a couple of site visits.

Q. Favourite office desk snack?
“You may have spotted a few of my Mum’s creations on the Velvet Twitter feed… so I should say that, but sorry Mum, it’s Hobnobs!”

Q. What piece of furniture would you take to the Royal Wedding?
“Our new dusty pink Paris sofas would look great with Megan lounging on it… don’t you think?!”

The return of Insta-lover Verity – we sat down after-hours with a G&T to discuss social media and industry trends. 

Q. Predicted interior trends for 2018?
“I’ve noticed we are being asked to design event set-ups incorporating furniture and luxurious dark-coloured velvet draping as a backdrop, this is defo gonna take off!”

Q. Favourite Instagram account?
“Apart from Madonna’s obviously, it has to be The Pink House: It’s an interiors’ addict dream.”

We caught Valencia-born Patricia for a coffee before she jetted off to our Barcelona base and discussed Harry & Megan (again).

Q. What act would you supply for the Royal Wedding?
“If the Spice Girls can’t make it, we have THE SUPERTONES on standby, with our brilliant female vocalist Izzy!”

Q. Most memorable moment at a destination event?
“Building a see-through dance floor over a pool for a party in Mallorca was pretty special.”

We noticed in our sit-downs with the Velvet women, that they all possess a passion for the events industry stemming from a love of working with people, and a drive to bring their clients vision to reality. Which is something we have noticed in events from working with some of the industry’s finest caterers, venues, party planners and creative agencies. So here’s to all the people working in our industry, and a massive shout out to all women out there creating dreams!
Happy International Women’s Day!