Banqueting House – HRP Street Party


In the year of the Queen’s 90th birthday the Banqueting House team and venue, part of the Historic Royal Palace’s group, looked to embrace a Best of British theme with their showcase event – ‘Six Decades One Evening’. We were tasked with providing furniture suitable for this theme and opted for plush teal blue and red velvet sofas, adding bespoke prints to our LED light box bars, round daybeds and poseur tables in keeping with the theme. A bean-bag from our new range was the special prize on offer for the best Instagram selfie taken wearing a self-made head wreath, duly supplied by Lavender Green. A nostalgic twist was also added to the catering, with pimped-up sausage rolls and ‘Pot Noodle’ consomme on offer! All in all, this was a great night that re-imagined a classic and stately venue.