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Our lanterns are a staple to enhance a rich, romantic or luxurious feel to any event and the simplest way to dress up the entrance to a space.

Small, Medium, and Large Lanterns



The small addition of tealights onto poseur tables or low coffee tables dotted around an event can give it that extra lift of glamour and act as the icing on the cake making everything look really at home in the space.


Tealights, Sofia Coffee Table, Red Bistro Modular

If you really want to enrich a space or add a homely touch, plants are an excellent way of doing that. Their vibrant colours can enhance a space themeatically as well as heighten the colours of the rest of the room.


Plants, Madera Seating

It seems so obvious but a seating arrangement can look really bare without some scatter cushions to liven things up. Chosing the right style of cushion can really enhance thetheme and help tie it alltogether across the venue.





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