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Pick your bar! Here at Velvet we suggest that a 2m length bar is perfect for serving up to 70 guests for your event.

From gold mirrored to rustic woods, we stock a range of bar styles to enhance your space and create a focal piece for the night.

2m Gold mirrored bar with black tops, champagne bowl & stem spot



Step One

Step Two

Poseur tables! Your guests will be in need of somewhere to perch and rest their drinks whilst they mingle around the bar area. A popular poseur table amongst the VL team is our gold and black round poseur tables and with a collection including 10 table styles to choose from, we can caterer for your specific event look!


Gold poseur with black glass top, Geometric tea light

Lounge seating! After a long day some guests may need to rest their legs and have a moment to relax. To get things started we suggest seating for at least 15% of your guests for a drinks reception.

Creating small pockets of seating is a great way to stagger the guest flow of a space and make sure all areas are used. And why not add some accessories like the image here to make the seating feel extra cosy!


Alaro sofa, Alaro chair, Sofia low table, Beni rug, Mirrored tea lights and a black tripod lamp.

Dress it! It only takes a handful of carefully chosen accessories to tie the furniture together and elevate your event space. Cushions, tea lights, lamps and plants are just a few key pieces you can use to achieve this.


Silver Velvet Button back modular seating, Soho coffee tables, Empire lamp, faux fur throws, Mirrored tea lights, geometric tea lights.

Step Three

Step Four




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