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Modular arrangements in the Painted Hall



This particular event was a celebration of the reopening of the Painted Hall after the ceiling underwent a period of renovation. Simple and elegant furniture complimented the immense beauty of Britain’s largest painted ceiling.

Drinks were served from our statement semi-circular silver bar. Our silver modular paired with a mix of Mayfair and Soho tables made up the perfect seating pods, with cosy Beni Ourain rugs underfoot. Understated and cosy, these pods were tucked away around the hall to allow guests somewhere to relax in style throughout the evening.

A selection of our lamps were dotted around to enhance a sultry lighting set up with tealights placed in the centre of each low table and poseur to add a last little touch of elegance.
Our mirrored black poseurs, accompanied by padded black stools, were the perfect choice to show off the ceiling above.

Dinner was enjoyed from our Ghost dining chairs, with an attention-grabbing row of black empire Lamps running down the centre of each long dining table, accentuating the length of the hall, sleek and elegant against the marvel of the walls and ceiling.

Our production team put together a strong lighting scheme to really highlight the dramatic imagery of the walls and ceilings. They used LED Floodlighting to throw light onto the art, pin spotting to highlight centre pieces, break up wash to add texture to the lighting around the room as a whole and uplighters to further enhance points of vertical interest

Velvet's lighting elevating the space


And we provided the entertainment too...



Velvet Entertainment’s in-house acts performed throughout the evening for whom our production team provided the full production.

Our string quartet Elixir brought elegance and skill to the entertainment for the night, while The Super Roams, our 3-piece roaming acoustic band, added a touch of fun moving through the guests, serenading them with their eclectic mix of classics and contemporary.

The evening came to a close with our astonishing opera singer Saira who took full advantage of the acoustics of such a space to blow everyone’s socks off with her incredible vocals.




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